The end is NYE

(T.V. Series)
June to November 2021

Producers: Universal/NBC, Seth MacFarlane, Bill Nye

Director: Brannon Braga

Single all the way

(T.V. Movie)
Febuary to May 2021

Producers: Netflix: Joel Rice, Gilles Perrault

Director: Micheal Mayer

Blood and treasure, season 2

(T.V. Series)
July 2019 to March 2020

Producers: C.B.S , Stephen Scaia, Matthew Federman (T.V. Series)

Show runner: Stephen Scaia

Directors: Steve Boyum, Joel Novoa, Wayne Rose, Maje Vrvilo, April Mullen, Stephen Scaia

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Blood and treasure, season 1

(T.V. Series)
April to December 2018

Producers: C.B.S , Stephen Scaia, Matt Federman, Taylor Elmore Marc Vlasic

Directors: Craig Siebels, Micheal Dinner, Alrick Riley, Tawnia McKierman, Holly Dale, Guy Bee, Steve Boyum

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The Truth About Harry Quebert Affair

(T.V. Mini-Series)
April to November 2017

Producers: M.G.M. (Richard Levine) Tarak Ben Ammar, Fabio Conversi, Irene Litinsky

Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud

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21 Thunders

(T.V. Series)
May to November 2016

Producers: Kenneth Hirsch, Micheal Levine. C.B.C

Directors: Gim Donavan, Charles Officers, Jerry Ciccoritti

Episode #1.1


(T.V. Series)
May to December 2015

Producers: ABC, Mark Gordon

Directors: Steven Kay, Paul A Ewards, Thor Freudenthal, Jenifer Lynch, Peter Leto, David McWhiter, Patrick Norris, James Whitemore Jr

As Supervising Art Director. Production designer: Beth Rubino.

Helix, season 2

(T.V. Series)
May 2014 to January 2015

Producers: Sony (Steven Kent, Maril Davis, And. Ron  Moore) - ScyFy ( Bill McGoldirck) - Muse (Sandrine  Gros D’Aillon,  Linda Obst).

Directors: Steve Adelson,  Jeremiah Chechik, Grant Harvey,  Jeff Renfroe

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Helix, season 1

(T.V. Series)
March to December 2013

Producers: Sony (Maryl Davis) - Scyfy (Marc Stern) - Muse (Sandrine Gros D'Aillon)

Directors: Jefferey Reiner, Brad Turner, Steve Adelson, Duane Clark, Mike Rohl, Jeremiah Chechik, Bradley Walsh

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The Grand Seduction

May to November 2012 (New Foundland)

Producers: Roger Frappier, Studio Max Films , Jean Marie Comeau

Director: Don McKellar

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Bag of bones

(TV mini-series)
May to November 2011 (Halifax)

Producers: Sony Pictures

Director: Mick Garris

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(TV Series)
June to November 2010 (Montreal)

Producers: Arnie Gelbart, Dere Schreyer, Karen Troubetkoy

Directors: Paolo Barzan, Stefan Pleszcynski, Nicolas Monette

As Art Director


March to November 2010 (Montreal)

Producer: Richard Lalonde

Director: Benoit Pilon

The Kate Logan Affair

August to October 2010 (Montreal)

Producers: Galafilm, Ian Whitehead

Director: Noel Nitrani

Assassin's Creed: Lineage

(TV Mini-Series)
April to June 2009 (Montreal)

Producers: Ubisoft Art Digital

Director: Yves Simoneau

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The Beautiful Life: TBL (Pilot)

(TV Series)
February to March 2009 (Montreal)

Producers: Mike Kelly, Karey Burke

Director: Christian Dugay

High Plains Invaders

(TV Movie)

Producers: Castel Film Romania, Muse Entertainment Enterprises

Director: Kristoffer Tabori (as K. T. Donaldson)

Alien Western

November 2008 (shot in Romania)

Producers: RHI – Robert Halmi

Director: Chris O’Shea-Daly

Sand Serpents

October 2008 (shot in Romania)

Producers: RHI – Robert Halmi

Director: Jeff Rosenberg


September 2008 (shot in Romania)

Producers: RHI – Robert Halmi

Director: Rick Schroder


August 2008 (shot in Romania)

Producers: RHI – Robert Halmi, Francois Sylvestre

Director: Bill Corcoran

The Cutting Edge 3: Chasing the Dream

July to September 2007 (Montreal)

Producers: Hudson Hickman, Irene Litinsky

Director: Stuart Gillard

Dead like me: Life efter death

April to June 2007 (Montreal)

Producers: Hudson Hickman, Irene Litinsky

Director: Stuart Gillard

The Deal

February to May 2007 (South Africa - Cape Town)

Producers: Irene Litinsky, Michael Prupas (Muse entertaiment), William Macy

Director: Steven Schachter

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War Games: The Death Code

October to December 2006 (Montreal)

Producers: Irene Litinsky, Michael Prupas (Muse entertaiment)

Director: Stuart Gillard

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Killer Wave

May to July 2006 (Montreal)

Producers: Irene Litinsky (Muse entertaiment)

Director: Bruce McDonald

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My Life and a Movie

October to November 2005 (Montreal)

Producers: Irene Litinsky (Muse entertaiment)

Directors: Howard Busgang, Bruce Hills, Michael Kennedy

The Tournament 2

(TV series)
Sept to Nov 2005

Producers: Irene Litinsky, Howard Busgang, Bruce Hills

Directors: Bruce Macdonald, Peter Svatex

Human Trafficking

Febuary to July 2005 (Montreal, Prague, Bankok)

Producers: Robert Halmi, Irene Litinsky

Director: Christian Dugay

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The Tournament

(TV series)

Producers: Irene Litinsky (Muse Entertainement) Howard Busgang, Bruce Hills

Directors: Trent Carlson, Bruce Macdonald

Christmas without Ornaments


Producers: Irene Litinsky, Dan Blatt

Director: Andy Wolk

Baby for Sale


Producers: Leslie Grief, Irene Litinsky

Directors: Peter Svatek

The Wool Cap


Producers: David A. Rosemont, Irene Litinsky

Director: Steven Schachter

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Bad Apple


Producers: Christopher Noth, Irene Litinsky, Dan Blat

Director: Adam Bernstein

Going for broke


Producers: Anne Carlucci

Director: Graeme Campbell



Producers: Jake Jacobson's (Miramax) USA, Claude Léger (Transfilm) Canada, Eric Altmayer (Mandarin) France, Jason Piette (Spice Factory) UK

Director: Gerard Pirez


Los Angeles. 2000

Producers: Paul Kaufman, (Alliance-Atlantis). Terry Gould (Shadow Box) and CBS

Director: Paul Shapiro

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Nuremberg - The Trial

U.S., London, Nuremberg (Germany). 1999.

Producers: Suzanne Girard (La Fête), Ian Mc Dougals, (Aliance-Atlantis), TNT, Alec Baldwin (El Dorado Pictures)

Director: Yves Simoneau

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Bonanno - A Godfather's Story (or Family)

New York, Florida, Cuba. 1998

Producers: Kevin Tierny (La Fête Prod.), Dan Paulson (L.A.), Showtime, Hallmark

Director: Michel Poulette

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Producers: Jacques Méthé, (Allégro Films), Georges Benayoun (Ima Films) France

Directors: Gerard Pullicino

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Glory and Honor

Washington, New York, North Pole. 1997.

Producers: TNT, Ralph Berge, Lynn Raynord, Bruce Gilgert

Director: Kevin Hooks

As Art Director Production Designer: Michael Novotny

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Producers: VIACOM, Micheal Rhodes, Richard Davis

Directors: Andy Wolk

In Love and War


Producers: Sir Richard Attenborough, Dimitri Villard, Diana Hawkins, Chris Kenny. New Line Cinema

Directors: Sir Richard Attenborough

As Art Director. Production Designer: Stuart Craig

In the presence of my enemies


Producers: Micheal Friedman (Showtime) (L.A.), Nelle Nugent (Foxboro) (N.Y.)

Director: Joan Micklin Silver

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Baby of her own

L.A. 1995

Producers: Ed Malcovitch (Wilshire Court) (L.A.), Mary Eilts (Vancouver)

Director: Georges Kaczender

Gold Hunter - Adventures of Smoke Bellew

Yukon 1995

Producers: Justine Heroux (Cinévideo plus), Robert Réa (Elipse) (France), Jean Yves Lafont-Loze (Gaumont)

Director: Marc Simenon

See pictures of Gold Hunter's set in the Portfolio

Not our Son


Producers: C.B.S. Walter Coblenz (L.A.), Joe de Oliveira, Mariam Brayton, (L.A.), Anne Carlucci (L.A.)

Director: Michael Ray Rhodes

Circumstances unknown

L.A. 1994

Producers: Ed Malcovitch (Willshire court)

Director: Robert Michael Lewis

Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde

L.A. 1994

Producers: Savoy Pictures (L.A.) Robert Shapiro, John Morrissey, Frank Isaac, Jerry Leider (L.A.)

Director: David Price

As Art Director Production Designer: Gregory Melton

The return of Tommy Tricker

August to October 1993

Producers: Rock Demers, La Fête prod.

Director: Michael Rubbow

la princesse astronaute

(TV Series)
Montreal 1993

Producers: Spectel Video

Director: Jean-Pierre Maher

Imagine IMAX 3D

Montreal 1991 - shot in 3D

Producers: Wild world entertainment

Director: John Wallay

Urban Angel II

(TV Series)
Montreal 1991

Producers: CBS, Robin Spry, Jimmy Brown

Directors: Robin Spry, Jim Kaufman, Roger Cardinal, Peter Pearson

Dracula: the series

(TV Series)
Luxembourg 1990

Producers: CBS, David Paterson, Robert Halmi

Directors: Allan King, Allan Eastman, René Bonnière, Randy Bradshaw, Jeff Woolnough

The Thriller - Double Jeu

(TV Series)
Montreal 1989

Producers: Hamstel (France), C.F.T.M.

Directors: Jim Kaufman, Brigitte Sauriol

As Art Director Production Designer: Michel Proulx


Montreal 1988

Producers: H.B.O .Allégro films, Franco Batista, Tom Berry

Directors: Jean-Claude Lord

Day One

Montreal June to Sept 1988

Producers: CBS, Aaron Spelling, Paragon Entertainment

Director: Joseph Sargent

As Art Director Production Designer: Curtis Schnell

Winner of two EMMY AWARDS in 1989, for Best Director and Best T.V. drama. Three hours mini-series. Periods: 1933 and1945, Europe and U.S

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